Story of Tides

Story of Tides takes sounds from all over the world and remixes them – be it the recording of a flute at a bonfire in India, of a comet in space, or a noisy percussion sample from the seventies. The sounds are arranged, complemented, cut and ran through effects and through meters of cables. What comes out of the speakers oscillates between Techno and Dub, between Downtempo and House. Story of Tides can be faster or slower, spacey or down to earth, depending on whether it's high tide or low tide.

Some Past Performances

Afrikaburn (Tankwa Town, South Africa)
Streetparade (Zürich, Switzerland)
Château RW9 (Burgundy, France)

Alors Festival, Kauz & Sender with Rolf Saxer (Zürich, Switzerland)
Hive, Katakombe & more (Zürich, Switzerland) with Marc Feldmann
Dampfzentrale Bern, Tankstelle St. Gallen & very off places with de_Adi
Revier with Angelo Repetto (Zürich, Switzerland)
We Kuyen with MonoAbe (Chile)